UGA Bus System

The most popular method of on-campus transportation is UGA's bus system. Whether you're on the way to class, the gym, or Bolton, taking a UGA bus can cut your travel time in half! It may seem intimidating at first, but the UGA app offers route tracking and other methods to help plan your journey from start to finish.
TIP: Start by navigating to an on-campus spot that you know you'll visit often. Familiarizing yourself with one route will help you learn the others!

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Athens Transit

Once you're ready to venture off-campus, Athens Transit is a great way to get there. The city's bus system is free for UGA students, and can take you to plenty of useful places like the grocery store, local restaurants, and more!

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While it's not typically necessary to have a car if you live on campus, having one can allow you to explore more of Athens in less time. When it comes to on-campus parking, UGA has a variety of different lots. Rules can vary based on an individual's status, whether or not it's football season, and more. Be sure to read the rules so you can avoid getting a ticket!
TIP: Parking is free on the weekends and in many lots after a certain time!

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Biking/Other Methods

It's becoming more common for students to choose alternative transportation options such as biking, skateboarding, and scooters. If you're up for the exercise, this can be a great way to get in shape and get to class a little faster! Be sure you're paying attention to the rules and regulations for whichever method that you choose!
TIP: Wish you could bike to class but don't have your own? UGA now offers Bulldog Bike Share, which allows student to rent bikes for a low cost!

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