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Helps when crafting the perfect class schedule for registration

Schedules made through Courseoff can easily be shared with friends, advisors, parents and more

Courseoff is in-sync with Athena and shows courses that still have seats open and the times available.


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With over 37,000 students classes can fill quickly with a long waitlist but before it’s too late, try Coursical.

Coursicle will notify when a desired class has an available seat and assist in schedule planning.

Rate my Professor

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Choosing the best courses and professors is a rite of passage for every student, and connecting with peers through Rate my Professor makes the process easier to navigate.

With students in mind, is a website that allows college students to tell their experiences with professors on campus

Tutoring Services

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Free Tutoring in Milledge through the Division of Academic Enhancement

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Science Guys Tutoring Services

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Useful Information

Tips from Upperclassmen

1. Use course reference numbers (CRNS) when registering for classes to save time

2. Be transparent! Introducing yourself, reaching out, emailing or coming to office hours are all great ways to create a relationship with a professor and can set you apart in a 300+ lecture class.

3. Make a friend! Don’t be shy, it’s easiest on the first day of class. Having a classmate to fill you in after a sick day can truly help in higher level academic success.