Our Purpose

To make the transition into UGA as seamless as possible.


First year in college and completly lost on what to do? Don't worry we got you.

Transfer Students

Every school is diferent! We want to answer all of your questions.

Graduate Students

Even college veterans could use a little help sometimes.

A portal designed with first-years in mind.

Onboard UGA is a website dedicated to enriching the experiences of incoming freshmen at the University of Georgia. Providing imperative information they will be using on a daily basis. Onboard UGA is a more personalized resource for students beginning their academic career in secondary education. Onboard UGA puts all freshmen on the right path to start a new chapter with less stress. Through this website, incoming freshmen will have a host of resources committed to their continuous development throughout their college career. We as Onboard UGA will make sure that their first day on campus is just as significant and memorable as their last day.

Meet The Team

Our team is dedicated to making freshman year ten times easier!

Why OnboardUGA?

A building is only as good as the foundation it is built on. We learn early as children from the three little pigs that a strong foundation is vital to continuance. We at Onboard UGA are that strong and important foundation that incoming freshmen need to not only continue to want to come back to UGA and college in general, but also finish strong towards graduation.